Friday, 24 February 2012

87, Not out!

Melba Isobel Sloman: 87, Not Out!

Large family gatherings tend to take place at weddings and funerals. I have been to too many funerals lately and so it was marvellous to have a reason for a big family celebration last weekend: Mum’s 87th Birthday party. Happily, she was in fine form.

Mum and all her children! (Pepe's picture)

The “Welsh lot”, the “Westcountry lot”, the “Northerners” and the “Bracknell mob” all turned up to celebrate Mum’s big day.

Matt, Pepe, Gwyn,Emily. Glenys, Gaynor, Colin, Dil, Helen, Meg, Rachael, Jake, Andy, Mary, Chris, Mum, Maurette

Missing from the picture are Jack, Dave, Debbie, Tom, Leighton & Jane (& me). Not sure how I missed them.


  1. Wish her many happy returns from me when the opportunity arises Alan. And steer her away from that last blog entry (although I bet you can do no wrong).

    1. The love of a mother has helped a chap through all sorts of scrapes!

  2. Replies
    1. It was made all the more lovely because Mum was having a really good day. She doesn't have many of those.

  3. My mum was 87 on 5th December, but we are waiting until she gets to 90 for her next big party.
    The last one was at 80.
    She finally gave up working at the Oxfam shop in January.

    1. I think I would have a big party every year now, Andy, while you still can. It sounds like your Mum is an inspiration.

    2. She was not happy with the Snow though.
      She doesn't like driving in the snow and had to stay at home.
      It's the Land Army Girl in her!
      She'll not be pleased about that photo though :)

  4. Mine's 91 tomorrow; she disapproves of the fact that I am such a scruffy bugger and have passed this trait onto her grandson.

  5. Excellent-looking cake choice.


    Many Happy Returns!

    1. Obviously, they were English strawberries....

  6. Wish your Mum a Happy Birthday from us both Alan.


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