Tuesday, 17 October 2006


I shall be walking alone and aim to take about four months for the walk. From Land's End I will take in the Lizard (ie the most southerly point of mainland Britain) work my way up to cross the Severn Bridge, then follow Offa's Dyke northwards. I will then cut across to Edale, following the Pennine Way to Kirk Yetholm. A wiggle through the Borders to Falkirk and then on to Lochailort on the West Coast to take part in the annual TGO Challenge ( to take me to Catterline on the East coast. Double back from here back to the West Coast (probably Strathcarron) and then on up to Cape Wrath, then a scamper (or perhaps a hobble?) along the North coast to Dunnet Head (most Northerly) and thence to John O'Groats and Duncansby Head.

I aim to take with me a Palm TX PDA and fold-out Palm Keyboard (both bought a couple of weeks ago) so that I should be able write to the blog. Never having used any of these things before, or ever having written a blog, the challenge of sorting all that out seems as daunting as the walk itself.

Picking the route in more detail is problematic at the moment - I could buy the dozens of paper 1:25,000's, but this will prove to be quite a weighty proposition, and so I am investigating electronic mapping to ease the burden - however it appears that this will come at quite considerable cost, as for reasons best known only to Anquet's & Memory Map's accountants, the 1:25,000 mapping is only available at a huge price!

That all sounds quite simple sitting here on my sofa, but this blog will let you know how it all goes.


  1. Hi Alan

    Welcome to the world of blogging :)

    LEJOG and the TGOC that some walking.

    I`m looking forward to reading your blog.

    I`ve added you to my links hopefully you'll get a few more readers.


  2. Wow George - you found me quickly! I have only been 'blogging' in a very sort of amateurish way for a couple of days. Not a bad effort Sir.

    I have found your blog and shall pop in from time to time to see how you are getting on.
    Cheers George

  3. Hi Alan,

    I bought the previous version of the OS memory maps on eBay for 20 pounds. They are 1:50,000, and therefore not quite as good as 1:25,000 - but ewven on my PDA I judge them quite usable.

    Don't know whether the lake,hills,tree photo came off your PDA on to the blog - but it's a great picture - well done!

    I am going to look into your wifi advice on Mark Moxon's site - btopen. To have wifi access easily (and inexpensively?) available would be a great convenience. Apart from anything else, it would facilitate getting accom booked ahead. I am also planning a March 07 start from LE.



  4. Slowman,

    Ferry interesting indeed..........


  5. Hi Daryl and CJ! Thank you both for saying Hello....Oh The loneliness of the long distance blogger. A friendly smile and greeting goes such a long way. Daryl Have you worked out your start date yet?

  6. Hi Daryl

    It looks like I shall be starting right at the start of March so that I can get to the west coast of Scotland in time for the TGO Challenge early May - but as my route is longer than the norm we may well bump into each other. I will keep my eyes peeled on the net for you - Will you also be doing a blog?


  7. Hi Alan,
    If you start three weeks before me, I will probably pass you before you are through Somerset - only kidding.
    I don't think I will be blogging, but I'll send you my "hiking email address" if you contact me at (The castlemont address will soon be jettisoned as it's attracted too much spam, and I don't want to publish the hiking address for that reason.)

  8. Hi Alan - fancy reviewing some Nikwax reproofing gear for us? As you will know reproofing clothes and boots is far better than replacing them. I bet fans of your blog would love a step-by-step guide to reproofing. Let me know what you think.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


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