Thursday, 16 November 2006


This last week has been an uncomfortable one. It started with a wonderful Saturday evening with two great friends round for dinner. Lynnie excelled in the kitchen so we enjoyed great food and fine wines!

Leaning back in the comfy chairs afterwards we started going through the Malts and sampled fine ‘Rasta’ malts and a nice old Ardbeg or few.

At two in the morning, Beryl was fast asleep, Lynnie had gone to bed and it was time for the guests to go! Great hugs and kisses on the doorstep with Beryl and a great bear-hug with Lager - a great bear of a man!

Next morning I had a rare stuffy head and the usual gouty ache all over, so I took a lunchtime stroll round my local stomp – the Hemingford Round to clear my head and loosen up the joints.

But on Monday morning I was still feeling rough and still slightly sore. ‘Must have given the kidneys a proper hammering’ I thought.

Tuesday was no better.

By Wednesday lunchtime I was in real pain – so I took a trip to the Docs who got me into A&E straight away. By 6:00pm I was strapped in to an ECG machine, bloods taken, blood pressure, pulse rate all monitored and then down to have a chest X-Ray. I had been prodded and poked by two very nice young ladies and a large Doctor.

‘Nothing broken – a crushing injury. Don’t go cuddling big bears again’ Take these pills for a few days.

I was back home by 10:00pm still massively sore but drugged up to the eye-balls. Our NHS is quite wonderful. Today has been all nice and warm, sitting at home plotting my route.

I think I am in need of a bit of fresh air again, so I am off to the Lakes for the Over the Hill Club AGM with Phil. Treat me gently boys! I am fragile.

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