Wednesday, 8 November 2006


Single skin tents and going lightweight...There's nothing new you know!

In 1976 Bob Butler & I were on the Pennine Way. We shared a 'Good Companions' 'A' tent, no flysheet. 3/4 length Karrimats each (I still use a remnant of that same mat as my sit-mat.)

Bob used a Karrimor rucksack with an external frame (A 'Totem Pac Senior,' I seem to recall - Isn't it weird that I can remember that, yet yesterday is a struggle!). I used a padded frameless sack with no hip belt as it only weighted about 18 lbs. I think fleece and Gore-tex either hadn't yet been invented or they were out of our price league, so it was woolly jumpers and cotton anoraks and a nylon cagoule for the bad weather. Over trousers were proofed nylon. 'Stop Touts' shortie gaiters.

In my hand I had a cut-up map in a polythene bag.

The archive pictures are care of Bob, who I have walked with on and off for about 35 years now.

In defence of modern gear, we arrived at Hawes Youth Hostel with all our kit completely saturated as we endured solid rain for about five days in succession. But we were happy!

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