Monday, 6 November 2006


As I have mentioned earlier, I am incorporating the Rab TGO Challenge 2007 into my LEJOG. This event is always over-subscribed and a draw is made for places.

The envelopes for the RAB TGO Challenge 2007 have now been opened, and 300 lucky devils received plumptious missives through the post and are now whooping with joy. They are safely in. (Me too. Yippee!) Spare a thought though, for those 70 lost souls who received the dreaded thin envelope - Rejected... Despair sets in fast - but they are now on the standby list and there is always a very real chance of getting back in as long as they are prepared to wait until the bitter end.

TGO2006 was just such a case for Phil & I.

We will all keep our fingers crossed for you. In the mean-time - here are some pictures of this year's walk.

Phil dropping off Muckle Cairn

Corrour Bothy beneath Devils Point

Garbh Coire

Phil climbing into Coire Dhondail, TGO Challenge 2006

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