Sunday, 26 November 2006


This weekend I was going to get all sorts of stuff sorted and still have time for a walk.

Friday: The evening started well - I managed to delete six days of plotted route on the new version of Anquet maps. Number one son was supposed to come round in the evening on his way to the Peak District to collect a map. He didn’t show up, and as yet has not made an appearance, let alone a reason for his no-show. I did sort out my corroding poles from last weekend’s wet weather (how does all that corrosion happen?)

Saturday: At last the cherry tree in the garden had shed all its leaves, and the two birches were well on their way. The Field Maple’s had been down for ages and were turning to a wonderful mahogany colour. They were all lying there and needed to be raked up and put in the green bins. Number two son needed my old desk and a spare office chair from the garage at his place and we then needed a trip together to Cambridge to select a new downstairs loo, hand basin, taps, flooring & tiles as well as doing lunch at Don’s. So, I delivered the desk and chair, though there was no sign of the said son, so the trip to view bathrooms was off. Lunch at Don’s with Lynnie was good.

I did manage to pick up a new pair of black wind resistant Polartec gloves with sticky palms so I can adjust my poles (they are black too!) when it is cold and wet. Then there was the matter of putting right the accidental deletion of the six days of route on the new Anquet maps. (Why are they so much more difficult to use than the old version?)

Sunday had a lunchtime drinks do in the next village planned and then an old Challenger friend and his new lady to lunch. He has great taste in wine, so that was the rest of the afternoon written off. They were great company and after they left I found myself welded to the settee with an old man’s afternoon snooze.

So, there’s still no time for a walk. Tomorrow is a day in London on a course and Tuesday is working in Cambridge.

I have just got to get out more.


  1. always time for a walk Alan - better get a pretend dog and get out for a a 1/2 hr each evening- even that will get u started

  2. .....eerr on second thoughts better not pretend about the dog too out loud - I believe the police have a special interest in some people of that persuasion

  3. Perhaps a short walk down to the Axe & Compass and back each evening should do the trick - its about 500 yards each way - that's 1 km a day for 93 all adds up!

    I think I will let the cat stay at home curled up in front of the fire - she never buys a round anyway.


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