Tuesday, 28 November 2006


A few pictures - if only to remind me what it's all about! - These are from previous TGO Challenges. 'Crackerjack!' pencils to those who can identify where they are! And Phil - you are not eligible :)
You can click on them to make them slightly larger.


  1. I think the middle one is looking from Cairn an t'Saigairt Mor down towards Loch Dubh and Loch Muick - but then again I'm probably wrong.

  2. On second thoughts is the middle one looking back down to Loch Callater from the top of Jock's Road.

  3. Hi Ali

    That's a 'Crackerjack!' pencil for the first guess and a cabbage for the scond!


  4. Hi Alan,

    I´m definitely not the Brahan seer but I think the last picture might show the Lairigmor section of the West Highland Way.

    Hope I´m the lucky winner of a lightweight and stylish dark-coloured "Crackerjack!" pencil!

    Markus Petter

  5. Hi Markus

    Thats one of those splendid titanium 'Crackerjack!' pencils to you too sir! Good spotting. The titanium is a rather fetching dark matt grey...

  6. Can you put us out of our misery re photo 1. I'd guess at 1) Loch Hourn, Barrisdale. 2) Loch Monar or 3)Loch Etive

  7. Ms Ashton. Doctor, Miss! Ali! Come on! I thought this might fox a few (especially those who bound along the tops!)

    One gentleman has got this right - he emailed me his answer - but I am not going to put you out of your misery yet - But - Here's a clue: It is looking WEST.

    And all your appalling guesses were so wrong! You should take some time to smell the roses and wander through the glens Alison, with us lesser mortals! Take a dram or three with lunch and then an afternoon snifter for relaxation. Enjoy your time IN the hills and less time ON them...

    Love you lots!


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