Friday, 5 January 2007


I have a helper down at Sue Ryder – a nice chap called Ian. He has just sent out a press release to my local newspapers saying that a local man is off on a walk.

Does this mean that I shall shortly be catapulted to stardom? Perhaps a slot on Jonathon Ross? Will ‘Newsnight’ be beating a path to my door? On the walk, I will not be that far from the set of Coronation Street – perhaps they need a Rambler in the Rover’s Return?

The possibilities are endless.

You will all be able to scream at your television sets “I knew him when he was a nobody! Now look at him preening and performing!” A slot on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here can be the only consequence of all this fame and exposure, after I slide back into obscurity once more and slope off quietly down to Cornwall and start the plod. No more adoring fans as I turn to face East at bleak Land’s End. The fickle flicker of fame!

Talking of the plod, I have now completed the planning of my Rab TGO Challenge part of the walk and so the planning has now got to Montrose on the East coast of Scotland. Slowly getting there…

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