Friday, 26 January 2007


I married a short woman.

There. I have said it. It is not a secret. You cannot take a short woman out in public for a pizza and not have this fact out there in the public domain.

Now I don’t think Lynnie minds too much being on the short side (she is 4 feet 13 inches tall, but she does wear 5” heels) and in fact, every now and then it is a wonderful thing.

The fridge is seven feet tall. Being two feet shorter than the fridge Lynnie has no idea what is on the top shelf anything past 3” back from the front of the shelf. When you come home from Boy’s night at the pub you can find all the spare cold sausages, the Green & Blacks organic Dark 70% Chocolate and the grilled Parma ham, happily tucked away at the back of the top shelf. Strange, that…

All absolutely perfick with a nice glass of Leapfrog watching Andrew, Michael & Dianne on BBC1’s best telly programme!

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