Thursday, 18 January 2007


The laptop is working overtime today. I will not buckle to its demands for a cleaner mouse-pad (am I the only one left who uses a mouse-pad?) No working time directive nonsense for this Johnny! Oh NO! If I have to work, then he has to work and I’ll hear no more about it. IS THAT CLEAR?

Thank you. Ahem… And now, an Announcement!

A small triumph has been achieved by Larry Laptop, Len the Laserjet and me. We have plotted and planned now all the way to Cape Wrath. The turning point. This week, I will mostly be heading East.

A few statistics to help you sleep easier: You know you want them.

Land’s End to Cape Wrath: 1,520 miles
221,000 feet of ascent.

I now have six weeks before striding out from Cornwall; six weeks in which I have to get the bit across the top completed, the accommodation lists sorted and to re-learn the Palm Computer and phone / WiFi connectivity blogging thing.

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