Monday, 19 February 2007


Well, I have just spent an hour on the phone to O2 Technical support and have got no further forward in my attempts to connect via the phone. They sound exasperated on the phone - I wonder if they realise how I feel?

This is not going well and my teeth are now beginning to ache (the dentist did both sides of my jaw - three teeth)


  1. Hi alan
    You have probably already looked at this :

    Can you get any internet connectivity ?
    Bob B

  2. Alan if you can email then you can blog on the go...
    or at least you can with M$ and with a couple of the others, and lookng at it with your blogger account as well.

    So it should be just be a matter of sending an email to the address set up.

  3. Hi Al,

    Good to hear see all your preparation is paying off (well apart from the geeky stuff).

    Can't wait to meet up for a good session of one-foot-in-front-of-the-other and, if we are very, very lucky, perhaps even the 'drip-game' around Bristol.

    Look after yourself until then.

    All the best, Rich

  4. The Drippy Hat Game! I am walking the reverse of the original '96 game - from Ballater to Braemar. I wonder if it will be peeing down? I'll win this time. I am sure you cheated....

  5. Bob B (is that you Mr Butler?) and Weird D.

    Ta for that: Bob's efforts helped to make it work and Darren's reminded me that the best way will be to post emails to the blog.


  6. Wowza - all that and the dentist too (too much gnashing of teeth with the usps & O2 perhaps). Lady Elpus has today broken one of her own teeth in what I presume to be a gesture of solidarity.

    Lord Elpus

  7. I found that emails drain a lot of power, Alan, so keep the charger handy. I also have the ability to state the bleedin' obvious, sorry.


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