Saturday, 3 February 2007


You are all dying to know this:

Still no tent.


  1. Alan..
    With regard to the 'no show of the tent'..I have been thinking (which is not easy for me!)

    Didn't Tom hanks work for UPS in the film 'Castaway'?

    Sorry mate...Your tent isn't waiting to be nicked out of a crate on Branscombe beach by some ASBOed scouser on a weekends nicking expedition as I first suspected....

    Tom Hanks is sleeping in it on a desert Island (with a large breasted blonde American lady) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!!!

    I went to Argos last week and purchased a garden gazebo I'll let you borrow it for your walk if Tom Hanks doesn't turn.

    See you later you muppet

    Your little brother

  2. Hi Alan,

    Please put us out of our misery by letting us know when the tent does arrive.

    I bought my tent at Wal-Mart for 10 pounds ($18). It's for two small people, which means I fit in it diagonally and still have space for my backpack and boots. It weighs less than 3 lb, maybe 3.5 lb with poles and spikes. It looks to be well-made, sewn-in floor, fair amount of gauze to keep gnats out and for ventilation - but I did need to seal the seams. It crushes down to 8 in by 11 in, not counting the poles. I THINK it's going to work for the emergencies when I need it, and it's expendable if it doesn't suit, because it cost so little.

    Err, humm, the best thing about it is I took delivery right in the store. The worst thing about is that it's red, white and blue. No furtive camping in parks.

    I have communed with USPS before, and even elevated complaints to my congressman. They have been polite, but the complaints have never ever produced a single thing positive, other than refund of $2.87 when I was able to prove that they lost a certified letter. They are immune from change. The good thing is that your tent will arrive Monday or Tuesday, probably between 10.45 and 11.03 am. They have decided you have waited long enough.


  3. Just a thought but have you put your USPS tracking number into Parcelforces website? I had a problem importing a Tarptent into the UK but after much messing about i found it in Perth waiting for the import duties to be paid - nobody thought to tell me! Also be prepared to pay about a 1/3rd of its value in taxes.

  4. Thank you little Bruvver...

    Daryl - red white & blue, eh? Very British. I wouldn't sleep in it in Scotland. They want independence. I would buy some magic marker pens and colour the red bits in blue for Scotland. It is disposable after all!

    Hi Colin. I have been trying that (on the recommendation from ParcelForce Worldwide) and that is how I tracked it this morning. Thank you for your help. I know about the tax thing - Its another Scotsman (Mr G Brown) trying to get even more taxes out of me, plus Parcel Force wanting their 'handling fee'. It would be strange if every letter from the States had a 'Handling fee' stuck on it.
    Ho hum. Rant over. For now!


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