Saturday, 10 February 2007


I am not a well man. Since a bit of a bash earlier in the week down at a rather nice restaurant in London (St Alban, Regent Street) and getting home in the small hours, I have been going slowly downhill. I am hoping the bottom was reached last night. My lungs feel like there is a beast inside scratching them raw. Every cough brings little stabbing pains. I am coughing up frothy stuff. If it’s unpleasant reading this, it’s even worse experiencing it.

We are out tonight for dinner in the village, and I am back on the settee (the settee is my friend) with a hot toddy to buck me up, watching The New Adventures of Superman (to buck me down?)

Still, the house is almost back together. Smallest of all has just about finished the downstairs loo project and the trip to Cambridge provided all the bits that wives expect to see in a downstairs loo. However, we still wait for the loo seat. And the United States Postal Service is not even involved this time.

Tomorrow is Valentines Lunch with Lynnie and so my Sunday walk is off. But I am off to Edale on Tuesday with Phil, my Lejog trainer, for a wet muddy scramble in the Dark Peak to make up for my lethargy. Hopefully my lungs will have fixed themselves by then.

‘I’m so Dave’ is roaring up the length of the country. I hope he is okay in this crappy weather. Its cold and pouring down out there and I reckon he must be in the Pennines by now.

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