Tuesday, 13 March 2007

DAY 13: Lunchtime Report

DAY 13: Lunchtime Report
The Trout Inn, Bickleigh

A wonderful morning. Is that because I was leaving Crediton? The town has the last laugh - as I am leaving by the footpath I am forced to negotiate ankle deep liquid red mud that plasters my beautiful clean boots.

The weather can only be described as perfect. Fluffy white Springfield clouds, ice-cream cool breezes and warming sunshine. The walk has been Elgar in my mind (I know this is not the right bit of the country, but hey - relax). The hills have been steep, the views quintessentially English. The Exe is a delight, full and purposeful in its flow.

I am having a fair to middling pint in a bit of a coach-party road-house, but I am in a comfy sofa and all is well with the world. Still 10 miles to do this afternoon, but I am going to dawdle and take it all in leisurely.

The countryside around these parts is as heavenly as the town is hell.


  1. Hello again naughty uncle alan - that whole innocent tent business is too much for my young eyes!!

    Anyway, just to say hello and I am very much enjoying reading the blog and I'd like to say your style of writing is quite wonderful. Gets me out of my dreary Bristol office for those few minutes a day anyway.

    I too am not at all jealous!

    Love from the favourite one.

  2. Suggestion : Link the pubs' names to their home pages and / or to reviews of them over at DooYoo, e.g.


  3. Oh are getting quite close now, had better start tidying up!

    By the way did I tell you we also have a rather attractive French exchange teacher staying with us as well!

    Just one thing are you a veggie?

    I thought of you on yout trek today as I was gardening with the deafblind young man I support, it has been a truly wonderful day today, perfect for a walk and guess what he lives in Midsomer Norton!!

    I will pass the blog onto them and maybe they will have the flags out for you [where are you planning to stay over in Norton?]?
    Keep plodding on Alan.


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