Sunday, 18 March 2007

DAY 18: A day off in Bath

I like Bath. It's a little city that thinks like a village; it seems to care about people. We met up with old friends Elizabeth and Chris, lunched well, then set to, washing stuff, reproofing the Velez jacket, washing all the socks - and glory of glories: Had a haircut!

It wasn't Domenic. (That was before Christmas; the last haircut) but Luke did a grand job of it and poured me a beer as I was having a lot of it cut off. I shall have to tell Domenic about the beer thing.

I sorted out the resupply box, read twenty days of mail (tore up most of it - junk crap) and skimmed TGO for proper reading in fifteen weeks time. Washed the boots (disgracefully dirty) and rang Mum - (it is Mother's Day, for those of you dead children out there who had forgotten)

Then off to the pub with Rachael & Will for a few pints of Doom Bar - probably the last of the trip as I will be leaving their area shortly. The pub was lovely / lively, above the 'Hole in the Wall' and Tattoo Dave walked in - his shaved head, neck & shoulders completely covered in - you've guessed it already.

So - tomorrow is another day, and Frankly My Dear, I don't give a damn! I am getting into the mind-set of the 'gentleman of the road' and I am sure Alveston will roll towards me slowly as long as I am still upright on both feet.

I may well be bumping into Pat halfway through the day, who has been following the blog. That will be fun: I have decided that after years of being ambivalent towards the great unknown, I am now looking forward to discovering new places, new people and new experiences that hitherto I would have avoided like the plague!

I am getting into this handsomely.


  1. Well, it was great to see you and Richard this weekend. More importantly to finally meet Ricky. Keep putting the pics on the blog. I want to watch the trendy tousled look morph back into weathered :)

    Love Rach

  2. Glad to see frim the pic that Alan has also tidied the beard- last tuesday it had grown all the way up his face and had just about reached his lower eyelids!
    Little sis

  3. Does the resupply box include a new liver?

    The Yank

  4. I don't believe it (as Victor Meldrew would say) That photo is AFTER the haircut!!
    You look like Catweazle on acid
    Come on Alan ..Get it all off (the beard that it is)

    Little brother

  5. That's his 'old man of the road' look



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