Tuesday, 20 March 2007

DAY 20: Lunchtime Report

DAY 20: Lunchtime Report
Castle View Hotel, Chepstow

Hello, Shadwell here...

I am now in the Land of my Fathers: Wales. I arrived here by dint of scaling the impressive old Severn Bridge.

I was bl**dy freezing and all three coats were worn. Having arrived in Wales,albeit briefly, as I am about to cross back into Ingerland over the old Chepstow bridge, I also hit the 300 miles walked mark.

This is an good old inn - unpretentious, and friendly. I am on my second pint of thought juice, Hereford Pale Ale and it is refreshing.

The castle looks lovely and one day I will come back when it is warm & sunny and clamber all over it, but as it is bitter cold outside and nice and warm in here, it can wait until another day.

So far I have not been assailed by the 'Welshness' of anything (apart from the ridiculous road-signs - political correctness gone barmy) and it seems a civilized sort of country. I shall now nip back over to England, just in case...

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