Sunday, 25 March 2007

DAY 25 Knighton, Rest Day

DAY 25: Rest Day, Knighton
The British landladies' politeness:

"And what time will you be arriving this evening", she asks at the other end of the phone as I am booking my night's accommodation. I rattle my brains, look at a section of the days walk (the other part is tucked behind it in the Ortlieb bag) and hazard a guess: 5:30? "That's fine." Shall I ring you if I will be earlier or later?

"Oh, No bother - I shall be in all day..."

"What time would you like breakfast?" Half seven? I ask. "I can do eight o'clock then" she replies.

"Have you come far today then?" About twenty Miles - XYZ town. " Never heard of that" she replies - "How far is that then?"

I stand on her doorstep, drenched from head to toe, boots covered in red mud. "At least you have had nice weather today then..."

And after all this you are welcomed into her home, given the front door key, sit at her fire with tea and fruit cake and relax, confident that this evening you can relax and are in the warm as the rain lashes against the windows or the temperature plummets to well below zero as your wooly socks are steaming on the radiator.

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