Friday, 2 March 2007

Penzance to Porthleven

Walking Day 2: Penzance to Porthleven:
14.1 miles
25.2 miles so far (extra mile yesterday...)


(You can click on the map to enlarge it)

A nice stroll out of Penzance after a lovely stay at the Blue Seas (and a rather splendid donation of $20 - I cannot find a pound sign on here!)

Then it got more tricky: It's been pouring down with rain here for weeks apparently, and the walk along the cliffs from Marazion to Praa Sands was an absolute quagmire and it started to rain - light at first, getting heavier with very gusty winds straight off the sea.

I tumbled into the Clipper restaurant at Praa Sands for a spot of lunch to be confronted by a cricketing Legend: Chris Old! I was the only customer (unsurprising given the awful conditions) and so I had him and his wife all to myself! What a lovely bloke. They dried me out, fed & watered me and gave me helpful directions. They refused to let me pay for my lemonades. If ever you are in the area, pop in and say hello.

The next section to Porthleven is a real roller-coaster and marvelous fun in the even heavier rain and gustier wind. I reckon I climbed Everest on that section!

I made it to the Harbour Inn and have washed all my day's kit as it was plastered in Cornish mud. The room is full of steam with clothes dripping all over the room.

I certainly know I have been for a walk today.


  1. dear Alan,
    good to hear that it is 'so far so good'
    I do hope you didn't pretend that you knew anything about cricket when you were speaking to Mr. chris olds.You think 'bowling a maiden over' is chatting up some blonde large breasted american girl when asking about the wherea bouts of your elusive tent!
    Where are all the pictures?

    Your little brother

  2. Yeah! Where are all the piccies? (My e-mail box is open and at the ready here)
    Not letting all that eating & drinking(oh and the walking bit) get in the way of the photo shoots surely


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