Wednesday, 25 April 2007

DAY 56: Bellingham to Byrness Campsite

Today: 14.7 miles
Total so far: 807.6 miles
Percentage Completed: 48.4%


(Click map to enlarge)

I am writing this gone 8:00pm at Ian's Picnic table at the campsite at Byrness. We have seen off Green King IPA export, Arran Gold, and another (sorry cannot remember) brought over by Mr Shiel. He then set a repast of cold meats, pies, salads and breads, all to be washed down with Ardbeg.

Today I have been walking with Doug, Mike, Croydon and Morpeth, and the walking has been good, over wild empty spaces and into the forest, that was cleared recently so all afternoon we had excellent views of tomorrow's walk over the Cheviots.

(Flowering Lichen -Growing on a stone wall after a vicious little ascent ( I was leaning against the wall to get my breath back!)

It seems to be warming up as the Ardbeg is flowing (in Edinburgh Crystal glasses, I'll have you know!) and just the two coats are fine. This is a wonderful eclectic little band, who rub along with one common love, the Great Outdoors. All will be on this year's Challenge in a few week's time - and barring disasters, all will be at Montrose at the finish, despite a huge list of ailments borne between them all. It's a mental thing, and this lot have the right qualifications!


  1. Its certainly a mental thing with that lot!

  2. i'd have to concur with eddie - WD inferred something about the 'mental' thing and look where that got him

  3. Here in Argentina where the views are great and the wine very,very good but missing the english ale,keep up the excellent work,Bruv in Law,Jon

  4. Good lord! I think you are right, young lady! It was growing on the drystone wall which was propping me up.
    CrackerJack Pencil to you, Miss!


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