Wednesday, 2 May 2007

DAY 63: Lunchtime Report

The Malleny Arms, Balerno

A walk through the Pentland Hills this morning, starting in the haar with my coat on. I came through a little place called Coates, and I have to say, I couldn't help myself. I had been walking up a drive with zillions of very large home-made notices exclaiming that it was in fact a 'Private Road' and that “permission should be gained” before using it. From whom it did not say.


(The Pentland Hills)

Undeterred, I arrived at Coates itself and was reminded by a gentleman, quite forcibly in a sort of ambush, that this was his private land. I smiled and proffered my map and explained that he had obviously not heard about the new National Trail. I showed him the thin blue line that Anquet had drawn on my map and I told him all about the new Land's End to John O'Groats National Trail that was now going right through his farm yard.

I left the poor devil having an apoplectic blue fit as I strolled on through his private world. Well, really! I am sure you would have done the same?

I met David in the heart of the hills and we meandered lazily down the hill to Balerno, through fresh avenues of beech, and we are currently trying the Deuchars on draft and David's excellent sandwiches. The sun is shining; there is not a cloud in my sky!

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