Thursday, 31 May 2007

DAY 86: Montrose to Fettercairn

Friday 25th May 2007
(Posted from Kingussie!)
Today: 11.7 miles
Total so far: 1226.8 miles
Percentage Completed: 73.5%


(Click map to enlarge)

I had a single room at the Park Hotel and on waking there are three of us in here (the other two were on the floor - I had at least managed to keep my bed!) Surprisingly I feel in reasonable shape and am at breakfast at a sensible time so that I can say my 'goodbyes' to all my friends as they trudge off to the Railway station to make their way back to their loved ones.

Not for me: No, not yet at least! I shoulder my pack and head off north west along the roads to Fettercairn, passing the Marykirk Hotel for an excellent lunch washed down with an excellent single pint of Guinness, as the other beers are all this frothy Scottish rubbish.

There are big showers all around in the afternoon, but I very skilfully avoid them all, by dint of sheer mind power. (I shall pay for that comment later on, I just know it!) It's a short day today, deliberately so, as I was not sure what sort of state I was to be in when I planned the route all those many, many months ago!

I am now in a very comfortable hotel in Fettercairn, with dinner booked, and a hot bath about to be run. Order from the Chaos of the night before!

It is strange to be back alone again after the highs of the Challenge, but I soon had the woes disappear as I sang 'The Bright Side of Life' at the top of my lung all along the roads as traffic whizzed past me! It gets you through…

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