Sunday, 13 May 2007

Where's Alan then?

John Hee again, passing on a few words from Alan to explain the possible delay in his posts for a while:

11 May:
"I am about to set off into the hills now - chances are I won't be able to post for quite a while - heading up Loch Etive then over the hills to Rannoch Moor then some Monros on the way to Kinloch Rannoch - where I might, just might, have a signal"

In case you hadn't picked it up - Alan's now in the middle of the TGO Challenge crossing.

Should be a breeze after his many weeks on foot.

But how will he cope with the lack of pubs and cafes?


  1. Alan my young bruv in law I know that the hardest part is upon you - No pubs and no signel to tell us abouthow the lack of liquid refreshment hurts but soon enuf you will be amongst the kegs again be strong. Jon

  2. I don't think the lad will touch anything from a keg, a cask perhaps.


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