Thursday, 14 June 2007

DAY 105: Inchnadamph to Newton Lodge, Kylesku

Wednesday 13th June 2007
Today: 7.8 miles miles
Total so far: 1503.0 miles
Percentage Completed: 90.0 %


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After an incredibly good day yesterday, I wake feeling decidedly 'second hand.' I don't know what it is, but I am shivery, have Galloping Montezuma's Revenge and feel utterly exhausted. Perhaps in my zeal of yesterday I over-did it?

I Diocalm myself up and decide on my FWA (foul weather alternative) for the day - Only the second time on my trip, and the weather is absolutely perfect! There is still a long way to go and so I am not risking overdoing it two days in a row, which is a bit of a pity as today's walk looked to be an absolute peach through the magnificent Geology of Assynt.

Two Very Famous Geologists, Peach & Horne, spent a good portion of their lives up her sorting out the incredibly complicated geology of Assynt and geologists the world over now make pilgrimages to Assynt. Quite a few geologists in recent years have revisited their work, but only to modify superficially what these two magnificent chaps achieved.

Anyway, I take the Loch Assynt shore road and divert to pay my respects to the gents at the cairn erected in their honour, at a spot where you can see Canisp and Quinag and the huge area to the west of low rough & tumble Lewissian Gneiss. An awe inspiring spot.

I find a family of stoats living in roadside rabbit burrows and so I snap away as they are guarding the home quite fiercely, chattering at me to send me on my way.

Roadside Company

Next stop in my incredibly easy day is to visit Ardvreck Castle - the ruin on the loch-side - that had seen more skirmishes and sieges than the average Millwall supporter. The castle had changed hands a few times, imprisoned a Duke before he was dispatched later down in the city and generaly lead a traumatic time.
Then it is up an easy track to run the break in slope between Glas Bheinn and the moor. An absolute corker! Views to my left and I realise that I am now well and truly in the North! I have made it definitely to the 'North'! I say this as I can see Suilven away behind me with its famous western end at the right! It is incredible. Quinag now dominates and then I am over the top and can see the mountains of the Very Far North ahead of me and the deep blue of the North Atlantic Ocean off to the north west. What a fantastic spot.

Suilven from the north!

Anyway. I make the hotel for a gentle lunch of tuna salad sandwiches, still feeling decidedly wobbly and shivery. I lay down and snooze for the rest of the afternoon. I really need my rest day tomorrow..

View west from the track

Derek and Marian arrive from Kingussie to lift my spirits and a few lagers later and I am feeling somewhere near back to form and its off to Kylesku for a spot of supper.

The Moine & Glencoul Thrusts

A landmark day in terms of statistics - 90% of the walk completed. Yikes!


  1. I am going to be really sorry when you more stories....what about turning round and walking home!?
    The blog is just great, a real tonic in a world filled with discord,and those idiots on Big Brother. It is filled with joy and delight in tiny simple things. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all stopped and smelt the roses like you.
    Try to hold onto those moments Alan as you near the end of this epic will need them as you come back into the reality zone!
    Look after youself and happy treking.
    Love Cuz Helen

  2. Hi Alan,

    Just 2 weeks to go. I am sure you are focusing on that!!!

    I finished at JOG on May 16, and you'll find a message to you in the Groats Hotel visitors book for that day.

    Lunched with Mark in London, and have now been home for a couple of days. Ready to go again!



  3. There is every danger Alan that this walk will have changed you forever.I look forward to the new improved version asap.Bruv in law Jonners


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