Friday, 22 June 2007

DAY 114: Tongue to Skelpick Burn

Friday 22nd June 2007
Today: 18.0 miles
Total so far: 1610.3 miles
Percentage Completed: 96.4%


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Yesterday was a rest day, and Derek & Marian very kindly took Richard back to his hire car at Riconich so he could be back home in time for his Mum's Birthday.

I spent the morning washing socks, pants, etc etc and sending lots of photos to John Hee, who promptly posted them for me onto the blog. Mr Hee - You are a shiny star - it takes quite a bit of time and I really appreciate it.

Postcards to the family (I have lots) and shopping and all sorts of mundane stuff filled the rest of the day quite happily. I found some 'seaweed beer' (Kelpie) so bought a couple of bottles for Derek & I to try - interesting. I prefer the Fraoch (heather ale).

I moved the target on my Sue Ryder Care fund raising page to 4,500 pounds and I hope with less than a week to go now we can reach it - it has been a brilliant effort by you all - so if you haven't yet donated and feel you can, you can pop over to the page and help me. Thank you.

And so to today:

More Lovely Weather! (The capitals are important here!) I cannot believe my luck on this trip so far - I can count the rainy days on my fingers - no toes required!

Entering Flow Country

It was mainly a toddle along the single track 'A' road from Tongue to almost Bettyhill, then a lovely saunter up Strath Naver on a yellow road, to poke around brochs, Neolithic burial mounds and a Clearance Village. All quite delightful. Then up a little track for a while then bog hopping to the Skelpick Burn, where I am parked up on nice soft turf on a little ridge where amazingly I have a phone signal, so this can be posted!

Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner with scones for pudding. Lovely!

Tomorrow could be an 'interesting' day as I am now entering the Flow Country and my route is designed around not walking in the 'blue bog' on the O.S Maps - trackless stuff for quite a large part of the day - so watch this space! I may be gone sometime…

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  1. Alan - glad to assist.
    After all your doing all the hard work.

    (And having the fun - damn)


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