Monday, 25 June 2007

DAY 117: Halkirk to Dunnet Bay Campsite

Monday 25th June 2007
Today: 12.5 miles
Total so far: 1663.6 miles
Percentage Completed: 98.7%


(Click map to enlarge)

After two days of longer than planned mileages, today was to be relatively straightforward and quick; just as well as the strong wind was from the north with very cold showers thrown in for good measure.

I was looking forward to a few beers at lunchtime at Castletown and walked the length of the Main Street only to find the hotel firmly closed and the cafe similarly afflicted. A bit of a hole, is Castletown! So I re-girded my loins and stomped off to Dunnet Campsite to flip Wanda for the last time on this trip! She is standing very prettily on nicely mown grass, with caravans and dormobiles for company.

Dunnet Bay is a beauty - it faces north west into the Pentland Firth and is a huge arc of white sand with magnificent dunes at the back of the beach. Whales and dolphins are frequent visitors to the bay, but they must be shy today, because I could not spot any through the visitors telescope at the newly refurbished Wildlife centre at the campsite (a splendid emporium that sells four different coffees and a host of other drinks from a very smart vending machine.)

Derek & Marian are up to visit and are staying in a smart gaff up the road near the Queen Mum's old place, where I shall be on Wednesday night too, celebrating the finish of this adventure.

Stu Savory has asked when I plan to finish: It looks like Wednesday. Where the finish is dictates the time - I shall finish my walk at Duncansby Head, the furthest point away from Land's End. I shall go to John O'Groats because I want to see if Charlie made it (who I met on the Pennine Way) and also to see Daryl's name in the finishing book. It is not supposed to be an inspirational spot so I shall have a beer or three in the hotel and move on. Hopefully I will have Derek, Marian, Lord Elpus and Miss Whiplash there as well so we can have a bit of a bash.

If anyone else wants to come along, then they are most welcome - the more the merrier.

So, a light supper is on the cards followed by a trip up the road to the pub at Dunnet. I musn't go too mad as I still have 28km to do tomorrow to the Youth Hostel at Carisbay.


  1. followed you all the way Alan,best of luck for finishing Wednesday, you truly are a mad man ! Russ

  2. well done Uncle Alan! Mary.x


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