Wednesday, 6 June 2007

DAY 98: Strathcarron to Torridon Youth Hostel

Wednesday 6th June 2007
Today: 12.2 miles
Total so far: 1418.9 miles
Percentage Completed: 85.0%
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A late start (always a good plan when in a hotel) saw me ambling up alongside Fionn-abhaidh on an excellent path to the bothy for an early lunch. The bothy is a little beauty, with small paned sash windows and four rooms all in good order. I had it to myself and then strolled on up the valley in the glorious sunshine.

I caught up with an American organized walking group who were making steady progress. The views of Sgorr Ruadh and the magnificent cliffs of Meall nan Ceapairean were inspiring but when I reached the bealach, well! The views the other side were stunning!

Beinn Damh from the bealach

There was the massive bulk of Maol Chean-dearg and the jaw dropping cliffs of Beinn Damh over to the left. I must have spent hours dropping the rucksack and digging out the camera, takng the picture, putting it all back together again and walking on a few hundred yards to be confronted by another equally jaw dropping scene, that demanded a repeat rucksack performance.

Beinn Alligin & Liatach

I made incredibly slow and wonderful progress down into Torridon; It was one of my most memorable hill days ever. The views of Liatach, Beinn Alligin and Beinn Eighe will never be forgotten.


Beinne Eighe

As I had dropped over the bealach, I bumped into a chap called John and we spent a fine time talking about going into the hills. We were neither of us Munro 'baggers' but both felt that the hills and being amongst them was a medicinal compound; “most efficacious in every case”. You go into the hills perhaps stressed from everyday life and you leave them cleansed and wholesome once more.

I reached Annat and decided that the Youth Hostel would be a suitable destination for this intrepid Groatser and made straight for the shower and then the kitchen.

Youth hostels are places where you meet an unreal world. I don't think there are any youths here, most are middle aged and middle class; Scots from Edinburgh with English accents.

Anyway, its clean, spacious and I have just had my second tin of pear halves. I think I may now go onto the cling peaches.

Beinn Eighe & Beyond


  1. Just put up a short photo-piece about hiking through steep Cretan canyons for you & your readers, Alan.

    keep up the slog, we're enjoying your LEJOG by proxy.

  2. Thought you should know that now they want to assess my neuro function,I may have to use my hill walking and climbing as an excuse,so becareful if you get an invite to be assessed.I would blame too many peaches and not enough beer.
    Bruv in law Jon

  3. Hi Alan,

    Good to read about you in The Sunday Post, and know you're still treading the miles! I'm John, whom you met just over the beallach on your way to Torridon!
    All best wishes to you.

  4. How wonderful to find you here, John!

    That was a wonderful day - not too strenuous but what great weather and amazing views.

    Yes - the Sunday Post article was very good - there will be more on the blog shortly about "A Wake for the Wild"

    It's a call to arms for Scotland's wild places!


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