Thursday, 7 June 2007

DAY 99: Torridon YH to Kinlochewe: Evening Report

Thursday 7th June 2007
Today: 10.4 miles
Total so far: 1429.3 miles
Percentage Completed: 85.6%


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Slioch from the Torridon Road

You've seen where I have been on the lunchtime report, so I will be brief: All the way through this walk when I have been walking with or have met people on the route, they have been telling me "Oh, it's far better a few miles north of here."

Well, I can see their point. In the Pennines the grit of the south was magnificent in its wildness. This was transformed in the Yorkshire Dales by the limestone beauty and perfect little hillside flowers. As I moved further north to Northumberland there were the wide sweeps of moorland and the majestic Cheviots.

Then the border country and the perfect St Cuthbert’s Way's woodlands and streams. Then mainstream Highlands for the two crossings of Scotland; west to east and then back again heading further north as I went. Then came the last two days. What can I say?

Incredible. And that doesn’t do the place justice.

When John Hee arrives back from his own sojourn " up north" you will see what I am trying to struggle with in words as he will post some pictures to the blog for me. This place is truly amazing and I am catching it in wonderful weather. Apparently most of Scotland has had pretty poor weather today (from talking to chaps in the pub) but here it has been sublime.

Indeed, I wore my sunhat for the first time on the trip today after carrying it for over 1400 miles. I might try on the sunglasses tomorrow if it stays fine!

So: Having a wonderful time: I bet you wish you were here?


  1. I don't envy the mileage, but I certainly envy the views.
    Sarah T.

  2. Remember your suncream

    Love Rach x


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