Monday, 10 September 2007


We have all heard of Heli-skiing; well now there is heli-walking.

Lynnie & I were spending a long weekend in some style in the Yorkshire Dales and decided that if we were going to get out for a walk, it had better be before the planned party for Quincy's 60th Birthday. (She has known me for quite some time.)
The morning was glorious and so we decided on the Lister Arms in Malham for a luncheon of Moules and Smoked Salmon washed down with a fruity pint of Original. It was Friday, so was reasonably quiet; quiet that is, apart from the adjacent table of dour Yorkshiremen trying to out-do each other in dourness the entire lunchtime.
But the birds were singing and the sunshine shone brightly and so we headed off up to the cove to watch the climbers swing on their ropes far above us. We then clambered up the path, passing as we did an elderly couple who were taking in the sunshine near the top. I had last been this way on the Walk (that capital 'W' is important here) and so it was good to share the place now with Lynnie.
As we were sitting there taking in the excellent view there was a bit of a commotion and a bright yellow helicopter flew overhead and dropped down beside us.

Lynnie in a fetching black outfit with contrasting yellow accessory

Within a few minutes the elderly couple we had passed a few minutes earlier were helped aboard and whisked away down to the car park far below.

Apparently the gentleman had been a bit short of breath and had had a few palpitations. He was checked over and deemed fit enough to be driven home by his wife as long as he promised to visit his doctor the next day. The trip down to the car park was to ensure nothing untoward happened on the route down.

Seems to me to be an excellent way to get off the hill...

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