Monday, 29 October 2007

A wet weekend in Ft William

We drove almost 500 miles to meet up with a hundred like minded souls at the TGO Challenge reunion at Fort William this weekend.

When we got there, it started to rain, like it can only rain on the west coast of Scotland. So the first morning was spent at the Ice Factor watching the stone monkeys clambering up their amazing wall and indulging in a little retail therapy. The afternoon was forecast to clear from the west, so we headed west, over the Corran Ferry to Achahracle and Castle Tioram.

Castle Tioram was due to be Lord Elpus and my start point on the 2005 Challenge, but after a heavy night getting a last little bit of 'practice' in at the bar at Acharacle, we slid out of our intended start point and started from the hotel's front step.

Not Big and Not Clever...

So - I thought it was high time to make up for this little omission and take a look at the castle. (Phil had actually taken with him the tide tales for Loch Moidart, as access is via a tidal causeway, and had carried them all the way to Montrose.)

Well, I am glad I did visit - and you can see for yourselves - it is a very special place.

The last pictures are a continuation of the trip to Glenfinnan - another rather special place.


  1. ...don't forget the Marmite... it brightened up my Saturday morning!

    Love Miss Whiplash


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