Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Ordnance Survey - Still waiting...

Hello there, to all my chums at the Ordnance Survey.

It's now been two working weeks since I asked my simple question. I know you would like three working weeks to get back to me, but I am a keen sort of chap and was hoping for a more prompt response. After all, I am a fairly good customer: I must have bought about fifty or so paper maps and I have also purchased two sets of digital maps, at great expense, all originating from Ordnance Survey.

If I replied to one of my own customers with an "I'll get back to you within three working weeks" email, I don't think that they would be too happy with me. But there: I suppose the O.S are in effect a monopoly and so they might feel that they can treat their customers like this.

It's a great shame really, as the products they produce are really first class - It's a shame their customer service isn't of the same quality.

So, this means that the target they have set themselves for getting back to me looms ever closer which means that my wait for an answer may soon be at an end...

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