Wednesday, 14 November 2007

TGO Challenge 2008 - Result. More on our Ordnance Survey

Well, Lord Elpus & I made the cut; we received the welcome 'fat envelope.' Our places have been secured on the 2008 TGO Challenge. This means that we have to start planning soon.

Over 100 people have been disappointed in the draw for places, but in all likelihood about 35 of them will get places if they are prepared to wait until the bitter end on the standby list.

When you get the dreaded thin envelope from the organisers, it feels like the bottom has dropped out of your world. I know - it has happened to me four times now, which is about average. So, commiserations go out to the unlucky ones in the draw, and a huge welcome to the new recruits to the best backpacking event in the world.

Oh, and the Ordnance Survey have now had one working week to repsond to my very simple question. They have told me they might need three weeks, so this means that they now have two weeks left to respond.

If they do not respond then in the remaining two weeks I shall follow their complaints procedure, to the letter; I shall play it their way. Let's just see how this all goes.

So then Ordnance Survey - How is it all going over there?

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