Friday, 7 December 2007


A chap on the TGO Challenge message board posed a question that took my fancy yesterday: He wanted to know if it was possible to visit the junction of the above O.S. Grid squares.

So I poppped a look at my Anquet maps and found that I had been there 32 years ago - the summer of 1975 with my mate Bob Butler, and that I had a couple of photos that Bob had taken on old slide film which he had converted to digital images. It's above Loch Etchachan on the way up to Ben Macdui.

The first picture is looking at the spot from Loch Etchachan (its to the left of the largest snow patch). The second picture is from just above the spot - its very bouldery and wouldn't make a great spot for a tent - a bivvi would be fine though.

So - a nice challenge 'EinsteinX', and thanks for digging out the memory!

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