Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Butcombe Gold

I am sitting on my settee (the settee is my friend) but no! Not with a glass of red. I have a nice glass of Butcombe, whilst watching Huge Fiercely Eats It All and his Chicken project.

It takes me back to Middlezoy, Croscombe and Dinder back in Days 15, 16 & 17 of my walk. Butcombe is a classy little number, with a lovely fruity, bitter taste. The colour is a wonderful dark gold and it sits well on the arm of my settee.

I had a small case, a selection, of Butcombe beers for Christmas from the outlaws and very welcome it was too. They hail from those parts and tell me they weaned Lynnie on Butcombe, which is strange as she cannot stand any sort of beer - surely a rebellion against parental authority.

Over the last few days I have been taking a look at the TGO Challenge Message Board. Usually the message board is a riot of questions and answers, enlivened by the odd wag or two who make it a Better Place.

But then there are the chaps who stride in and dominate the discussion board with lots of noise about nothing in particular (a bit like this blog really).

However, when things don't quite go their way they squeal like stuck pigs. Well. I usually duck out of those conversations, but this time they insisted that the old brigade (and I believe I am included in this term) are always unfriendly toward newcomers to the site. It's strange that when things don't go people's way they start flailing about and calling names.

Anyway - take a look for yourself - but beware - it's a strange world and not like the real world at all. You can find the link in the Outdoor Organisation Links to the right of this posting or here

You'll want to be looking at the 'Monadhliath route' string.


  1. But... but... I thought Smithers was a character in The Simpsons?? And his reference to "...a very demanding law enforcement role" in the SatNav thread has me quite excited.

  2. Humphrey

    The picture is there now, imprinted in my skull-cinema, of you in your silky base-layers getting all excited at the prospect of meeting Dave Smithers in his uniform, in a very demanding position.

    Boggling really... Is involved in this scenario in his new silky base layers too?

    I am sure the chap is a very nice person. I have a brother down that neck of the woods is a 'very demanding law enforcement role'. I wonder if her knows our gent?

    Phil will shortly be announcing this year's PreWalkDaunder, so pay attention at the back - okay?

  3. Greetings you two esteemed gents. Having just been cut off in darkest Cumbria for two days I'm only just catching up.

    What are you on about?

    What's this 'demanding law enforcement role' stuff?

    Why am I so confused?

    Is there a dark room nearby?

  4. Hi there Andy

    Humph was referring to Dave Smithers' posting on the thread 'Satmap the final solution' on the TGO Challenge Message Board where he says he is "trialling it within a very demanding law enforcement role"

    I suppose you could say I trial my laptop in a very demanding office environment, but who cares?

    It takes all sorts Andy!


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