Sunday, 13 January 2008

Route Request

Have been staring at the map of Scotland for far too long now and have far to many 'possibles'. Would appreciate advice from those who know on an easy route from Glasgow to Ardrishaig. Want something chilled and low level (really....) for that bit - any advice very gratefully rceieved. P.s. I'm off through the feterresso too, so it looks like several of us will be enjoying it!

Couldn't resist it....


  1. I've had the same problem with a route to Shiel Bridge. Finally gave up and decided to travel at night and use the North Star. We start next week.

  2. Hi Martin

    I was so worried about this last year that I set out for Oban on March 1st.

    Maybe I should ask on the Message Board after all, as there seems to be many suitably qualified people to help - some of whom appear to have ML qualifications; they must surely be able to assist a muppet like me?

  3. Hi Alan

    I may be able to help as I am hoping to receive my ML (Muppet Leader) certificate from the Geo Chief very soon.

    Advice given will be based on hearsay and information from third parties and be unsuitable for all navigation systems except the latest Chinese implementation of SATMUP using a clockwork interface.

  4. Caution is advised Roger: Statistically, most accidents happen with newly qualified drivers. Great care should be taken when applying your boots for the first time after receiving this esteemed qualification.

  5. Unfortunately mum will be down here babysitting or she might have been able to offer a good watering hole near your start.....

    When go up by car love the route that takes me via ferries from Gourock to Dunoon/Hunter's Quay, round to Ormidale, Tighnabruaich, Portavadie, then ferry to Tarbert which would bring you out 13 miles by road south of Ardrishaig. Must be a good walking route there somewhere and views over Kyles of Bute and to Arran are fab.

  6. Fear not dear boy, route sorted - and none of that nasty tiring walking required. A direct route from one pub to another, with a crate of carry outs on the bus.


    Lord E.


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