Friday, 29 February 2008

Pre Bub Plog

I am safe, in the sanctity of my office. My desk lamp throws a puddle of light onto the keyboard of Larry (the Second) Laptop.
Outside, the wind is swooshing through the tall trees and curling down our chimneys. It is a very wild night out there and Lily the kitten is bouncing around the house chasing shadows. Lynnie the wife is bouncing around the kitchen chasing her tail:
We have Short Tony and Mistress coming round for supper. Lynnie has sacrificed a bullock at Waitrose and the Heston Blumenthall Chips are now standing; readying themselves for their third frying. Mistress (not to be confused with Miss Whiplash, who is galavanting around with the Past Potential Bigamist and the Village Mechanic at the moment in deepest North Yorkshire) is a special lady.
She was the first person to sponsor me on my LEJOG last year. And more importantly she is wonderful. Short Tony has prehandled the objections and after supper we have booked our places at the bar at the Axe & Compass. We have wriggled this past Mistress and Lynnie. Short Tony is a Magician.
This time last year I was sitting in a rather fine restaurant in Penzance with Lynnie; it being the night before I was to set off on my BigWalk. Outside is was pouring down with torrential rain. I was, by this time, way past apprehension as the die had been cast and it was now just my lot just get out there and do it. All the planning had stopped. Just the walk to do. It was a relief to be sitting there away from all the hectic last minute planning and packing.
Tonight, Short Tony and Mistress are very close to doing the deal on an adoption. A young girl will be joining their family. This has taken almost a year since they received the wonderful news that they could adopt, so, for them at last, the waiting and apprehension is almost over.
A nice bottle of bubbles, a jolly good drinking red and a sloshingingly good white should start the party off fine. Then all down to the Axe to bump into all the good people of the Village.
Life is good.
Best I write tonight's blog now then. Tomorrow has been cancelled.

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