Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Death by Blogging!

I blame Lord Elpus - It's all his fault (It's always his fault, so I see no reason why this should be any different)

On our recent sojourn to the Bootie Shop we rested awhile in a coffee shop. I blame Phil for that too - he was driving and could not be co-erced into the excellent public houses available only a few steps away!)

He read me out a small article from a newspaper not usually associated with my personal views - one more associated with Max Mosley and his gang of Nazis; the 'Daily Mail'. (Now please wash your hands.)

Apparently "the New York Times reports the sudden death of two prolific bloggers from stress induced heart attacks".. "The pressure of keeping up postings is leading experts to warn of 'death by blogging'. Bloggers are swept into relentless 24-hour competition to reveal new products or expose corporate gaffes"

So forgive me if it goes all quiet on here every now and then. Think of it as my 'time out'; releasing me from the relentless grind, to lower the stress levels so that I can continue more safely.

As Lord E commented on the last post: What a load of Cobblers!


  1. Should that not be Flogging Alan, as in the Formula one type?


  2. Alan,

    Great stuff and a great walk. I look forward to your posts (when you've de-stressed).
    I'll return the compliment and add you to my blogroll.


    Northern Walker


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