Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Obsessive, Compulsive, all in Order

Avid Television Detective watchers will probably be aware of the wonderful Adrian Monk. Adrian has one or two problems with doing things in a certain order, or in a certain way. He counts lamp-posts as he passes them, he knows how many paces it is to the bottom of his yard. He has phobias that include beards, heights and cracks in the pavement.But by gum! He always gets his man. He always cracks the case.

Re reading Gayle's post on her Walking Stats I had to chuckle. Gayle knows how many miles she has walked in the last three years up to the same point in each of the years; she keeps it on a spreadsheet. She knows how far her Scarpa SG65's, her Roclites and her Salomon XA Pro's have walked. She has painstakingly plotted out every one of her 1252 miles of her walk, and is soon to complete the drying of all 110 of her and Mick's main meals.

This may sound a little obsessive, compulsive even? But to the organised walker this suggests a wonderful commitment to her endeavour. To me this is all in Order. Gayle is a woman with a plan. She has a programme to achieve her objective.

It's a bloody wonderful effort Gayle. Gayle and Mick have prepared magnificently for this walk. It bodes well for a wonderfully successful enterprise.

Take it from one who lines up his gear in straight lines before packing his rucksack. One who has lists that have to be re-done every time a new piece of gear is purchased, so the kit-list is kept up-to-date and in good order. One who has walking logs bang up-to-date, with every boot mile logged.
You can sponsor Gayle & Mick HERE. Let's help them bust their £2000 target before they set off in less than two weeks time.


  1. Not the best photo of Gayle I've seen.

  2. "Not the best photo of Gayle I've seen"

    I've seen worse ;-)

    As for the obsessive compulsive thing, I would like to defend myself - but I'm struggling to find a way...

  3. I'm sorry, Alan and Gayle, but I hardly ever plan anything much, and I feel a bit inadequate after reading this. I love your blogs and your love of everything that I love in the countryside etc. But I often hardly ever have anything more than the merest glimmer of a notion about how many miles I've walked, how many miles my boots have walked, how my stove fares comapared with the competition, even where I'm going half of the time etc. Is there any hope for me?


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