Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Tomorrow morning a group of hardy Challengers are off on a journey to the Lakes for a circular walk in the Central Fells. This is our annual preparatory walk for the TGO Challenge in two weeks time.

The rendezvous and first night is at a well known bar in Great Langdale. The second night is at a well known hostelry at Wasdale Head. The third night is..... in the middle of no-where! Wild camping... Ooh-Err!

We are safe back in civilization for the fourth day's luncheon at the first night's pub. Phew!

Participants include the Minor Royal, a large town within the M25, His Holiness the Pope, Big Dave, Doc Holliday and myself. Good company.

The bags are packed: Mine is coming in at a surprising 30lbs (including food, a bottle of Caol Isla, and my feather mattress and various coats and walking poles) This could all be a bit of a struggle. Its a long way with a hang-over...

I will let you all know how it goes.

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