Sunday, 13 April 2008

Ready, Steady... M&G Going For A Walk

Tomorrow morning Mick & Gayle are off on their way down to Cornwall to start one of Britain's biggest walks: Land's End to John O 'Groats. They aim to spend three months working their way up the world's greatest kingdom: Great Britain.

Great Britain: How do we define this amazing land. It is not about territory. It is not about inhabitants. Great Britain is something found in the mind's eye. It is a place where people, cultures, history and landscape merge in a heady mix of ideals. It will be a different ideal to me as it is to my next door neighbour. It might be a wildly different concept to a Londoner as it is to a Scot.

If you live in the countryside or in the centre of a high-rise estate, Great Britain will mean something special to you. If your family has only just moved here from far-away places to find sanctuary or has lived here since before William the Conqueror, it is a land of untold opportunity, a land of freedom. It is a place where it is okay to be yourself.

Gayle and Mick will meet a whole host of characters, all with their own idea of what constitutes Great Britain, that will always remain in their memories. They will walk through a landscape steeped in history: A Landscape forged by unimaginable geological forces, a landscape moulded through millenia by man.

What Gayle & Mick are taking on is a massive undertaking. It is a colossal commitment of their time to discovering what makes Great Britain tick. As we sit here at our computers following them over the next three months we can enjoy their journey from the comfort of our chairs as they battle against strong winds, torrential rain, rough nights camping in some of the wild corners of our land.

You can sponsor their huge endeavour by supporting their chosen charity; Macmillan Cancer Support.

Good luck to them both: Stay well!


  1. There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England.

    -Winston Churchill

  2. This entry should only be read while humming the Enigma Variations :-)


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