Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Martin Rye

I am a bit late noticing this blog - it's called "Summit And Valley" and is written by Martin Rye. You can also find a link to his blog in my "Great Places To Visit" set of links over to the right.

Martin is a 'proper walker' - interested in gear but much more interested in getting out there and going for a walk. He did the TGO Challenge in 2007.

He has a section on his blog just with walks in it - and they look pretty fine. We share the same disability - living in East Anglia - which means that getting anywhere remotely hilly means a major trip and when you get there you are not 'hill-fit'!

It's a good blog: Highly recommended!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I've seen Martin comment on various blogs and I've now added him to my Google Reader feed.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Alan. We East Anglians may live far from a hill but we make up for that with our enthusiasm for getting to them any chance we have. I hope the blog will encourage those who like me don’t get to go hill walking every weekend.
    I will talk about my TGO trips soon and other walks as well

    Have fun.

  3. i thought hills in thefens were what you had when you drag up from the bottom of the ditches?

    Proper walker - pah! Where wuz is 'obnail boots then

  4. Driving Test 'Hill-starts' are done on the ramp up over bridges around these parts....

    Didn't spot the hobnails under his trainers though John...


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