Sunday, 29 June 2008

Pictures from the Open Gardens

Here I am trying to post to the blog using the phone with text & pictures at the same time! The weekend was wonderful - great company and a marvelous village spirit!


  1. Alan,
    Those pics are so reminisent of my youth in the fens. I truly wish there was still some of the 'community spirit' that your village obviously enjoys, in all aspects of life.
    We as a race are deminished by its lack.

  2. I am not annonymous a Alan, it's Fenlander but I can't work the signature system.

  3. When families move in to our village a well oiled machine grinds into gear, ensuring that the newcomers are aware of all the social amenities and support availabe - even if its just the Axe & Compass that interests them.

    Before too long they are sucked unwittingly into all manner of village stuff and even the retired don't get much time to sit and do nothing!

    It's a wonderful village, made so by the people who enjoy living here.


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