Thursday, 24 July 2008


Now I don't know why it's taken so long either but I am at last loading all my photos from my LEJOG walk onto the web.

You might have noticed the little slide show whirring away to the right of this blog near the top? You could click on any of the photos as they whir along, and that would take you to my Picassa web Album where the photographs are now (mostly) residing for public consumption.

You have various options therein to view them as a slide show, or if the fancy takes you, to down load a picture at full strength to see the majesty of it all (they are not actually full strength piccies, but they are quite big) but if you email me if you really want the full-fat version, I will email it to you - they are usually quite chunky files.

At the time of posting this I have got as far as above Glen Callater and there are some smashers in there.

I will get the rest up when I have a little more time. But it's a good start. You have waited patiently, so if you want the lot (and there are quite a few more to come yet) of glorious Scotland, then it won't be too long now!

I thank you!


  1. Hi Alan,
    Crackin photo's make's me want to do the walk me self
    May be when I retire and have got the time ,look forward to the rest of the photo's

  2. Thanks Ian

    I have now loaded them on to the site up as far as Rhiconich on the north west coast - will soon have them all loaded for you.


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