Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I have taken a leaf out of Gayle's book and copied the way my LEJOG schedule is shown (the link is over on the RHS of this blog) so that now the schedule is far easier to understand, as I have exported the original spreadsheet into Google documents, which is where the link disappears to.

My original schedule was difficult to read and this is a whole lot easier. What is interesting is that I actually finished on schedule and had two extra days off as well.

Derek E will not thank me though as the schedule is in kilometres and metres....


  1. Not to worry Alan I've still got the necessary figures for the calculation back into English, as per our road signs in Scotland. It's strange but I recall you putting up the MILEAGE when you had your photo taken at J.O.G. Grrrr!

  2. Ah, but you will remember Derek, that every night I did mental gymnastics in Wanda, converting the day's distance covered in kilometres to miles and adding them to the cumulative distance in miles!

    The reason for all this nonsense is that our Wonderful Ordnance Survey (bless them) have set out our National Grid in 1000m squares! It is therefore easier to estimate distances in km when looking at our British maps!

    No mean feat; all those calculations in a tent, I can tell you.

    And then, I had to work out the percentage of the walk completed.

    I was knackered before I even started to write the actual day's report for the blog!

  3. At your age I doubt whether you really know how it feels to be knackered! It will come to you one day and then you will realise, as I've told you before, "I'm not always right but I'm never, never, never wrong!"


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