Monday, 7 July 2008


Vic has just put up a post on Mick & Gayle's blog saying that the pair have made it to John O' Groats.

They haven't had the best of weather over the second half of their walk and so it has been a triumph that they have finished on schedule and still in good spirits. Gayle has been hammering away on the keyboard every night as Mick has been trapped forlornly in the kitchen, whizzing up the culinary masterpieces that they dehydrated all those months ago back home.

They have been walking for Macmillan Cancer Relief, and so if you haven't had the chance to sponsor them on their wonderful walk, then please pop over to their blog now and follow the link to their 'Just Giving' page.

Well done to the both of them. A wonderful walk.


  1. Good effort and well done to them. I'll give em a donation.

  2. Oooh, a photo of me when I still had hair!

    Just to put the record straight though, I did the cooking AND the blogging - usually before I did the written journal! Twas a busy old time, those evenings in the tent.

  3. so.....
    Did Mick do any walking, or was he having a piggy-back?

    I have it - he was in charge of the tent & accommodation....

    Can I walk with you next time Gayle?

    I'll get my coat....

  4. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for your message to us on M&G's blog!
    I (Fran) was hoping to see you at your cheese & wine party at Loch nan Eun on the TGO Challenge but got there 2 days early! Time was a bit tight. Maybe next time...
    Cheers for now,
    Fran and Margie

  5. I think the Chally will be wildly over-subscribed this year Fran - so we will have to keep our fingers crossed in the draw.

    Cheers to you both,


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