Thursday, 10 July 2008


Every now and then Doctor Who does it, so I don't see why I shouldn't be able to either!

Yes, it's a new look for the blog: I was getting tired of the old green colour scheme. I have also tidied up the links on the right hand side of the blog to make them more user-friendly and have added quite a few blogs in the 'Great Places to Visit' section that I am sure you will find entertaining and thought provoking.

Amongst these are: Beating the Bounds, Chris Cowell, Chris Townsend, Gyrovagus, John Hennessey, and PTC*. Have a trawl through them - you will not be disappointed.

So then, when do I get to meet Billie Piper?


  1. If you're patient, Billie will give you a ring herself... assuming she is a loyal reader!

    Very nice update, I really like the design.



  2. Like the new look and header pic. And ta very much for the mention.

  3. Looks good and PTC world is a great blog hey, glad you like it. Put some comments on his site, he likes a good banter and all that. Found a nice blog called Baz's backpacking blog - worth a mention in dispatches.

  4. I feel left out, I never saw the old version...And, it look slike I've got a lot of reading to catch up on here too.
    Thanks for the mention, and if anybody heads over to my place there's some great links to other blogs as well.

    I must confess, Sarah Jane Smith 1974 is the companion for me, even Leela couldn't compete.

  5. Looks good, Alan.

    Oh, and I'm with PTC re. SJS.

  6. Thanks for the mention Alan. I've been following your blog on Google Reader for some time (not many blogs regularly make me laugh) - I thought that you were in my Blogroll too, but apparently not. I've rectified that omission now.


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