Thursday, 25 September 2008


Well, the support is cranking into gear: This morning, Marcia, the Standards Manager at the OPSI (Office for Public Sector Information) was straight on the phone, from Admiralty House in Trafalgar Square, to find out about my problems with the Ordnance Survey. That's pretty efficient in my book.

We were talking on the phone for quite a while (well, I was, actually) and I think I must have bored her into submission as she agreed to take the matter up with Ordnance Survey when she next meets with them. (I did bang on a bit, but there was a lot to fill her in on!)

I don't want this to be a confrontational affair - experience shows that being nice and polite pays dividends in the end. She is ideally placed to mediate as she deals with these issues all the time and knows the people down at the O.S.

So - we shall see how this pans out. If it's worth having, it's worth waiting for.


  1. "You don't have, as you don't ask". I tell that bit of advice often to residents at work. Good to ask. Do it nicely and you never know.

    Lets hope hey - be great to see the maps on your blog. I am making do with basic ones on mine. The OS ones make a report so much more don't they.

  2. "I don't want this to be a confrontational affair". Quite right Alan but I thought I had taught you that policy many moons ago! Ah well it may have not been me, my memory is a little on the blink!

  3. Hi Alan, just caught up with the OPSI story.

    Your contacts at the OPSI sound very sensible, I hope they have some teeth as well as patience and a sympathetic ear.

    I wonder if they will argue your case as a special exemption for charities though?. That is an obvious compromise that seems an easy target for negotiations to reach without either side losing face.

  4. Well done Alan for taking this matter by the horns, or the dog-ears or what ever maps have. In the UStatesOfA maps are considered public property and far as I know anyone can reproduce them. Look up Tom Richardson's excellent hiking maps for example - they're essentially state produced mapping with hikers' info overlaid.
    Why-oh-why we're expected to pay for use of maps we've already paid for to be drawn up I dunno.
    Good luck with your campaign.


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