Monday, 3 November 2008


I am truly master of all I survey in my kitchen. This evening I make a fantastically tasty chicken soup with the carcase of Sunday's chicken casserole and assorted seasonal English vegetables with, okay, with some Japanese Miso soup sachets and some light soy sauce.

However I am still not master of the quantities. So there will be a fair few pints of sizzling soup left over for the freezer and the post bonfire party in Cambridge. So - where to store all this magnificence?

I search the lower cupboards. I am ashamed to say that these were previously Lynnie's territory and they had always been the fiefdom of dragons and the like. What a wonderful land of discovery! I reunite plastic 'tops' with their long forgotten 'bottoms' (a strange land indeed!) and reunify relationships long since dissolved, living apart on different shelves , indeed, different cupboards!

They all need a thoroughly good washing behind the ears and this is achieved with lashings of scalding water (I must change the thermostat setting on the boiler - its been like that for years!) and the newly found lemon Fairy Liquid which had been hiding behind the dust pan and brush beneath the sink.

The containers are now pristine and the kitchen has taken on a positive, lemon fresh persona. Containers have been filled with wholesome goodness and the freezer is struggling to bring it all down.

Should I be proud of my achievements or should I be hanging my head in shame that it has taken me twenty years to re-discover my kitchen skills? I don't think it matters a jot. I am coping and Lynnie will share in my new found kitchen skills on bonfire night.


  1. Have a rummage and if you cant find the dehydrator buy one from Bob. This takes the pressure off the freezer and gives you plenty of good home coooking on the trail. BTW he has those hip flasks on his site.

  2. Alan, TENSION IS NOT GOOD - trust me my friend, I know - chill, or in the frame of cooking 'chilli' - definitely a juxtaposition of opposites.
    Re: Baz's comment about the hip flasks ---- They are difinitely not BIG enough!

  3. I don't think you ever get past the quantity thing. There used to be five "eaters" for meals in our house. Now there are only two. I still cook for four and a half.... (having managed to reduce a bit...)

    Try not to get too tense...


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