Tuesday, 23 December 2008


This time last year I was discovered by the Village Speech Therapist's Wife in the lingerie section of John Lewis, picking out tights. Well, there was none of that for this year as we had done Wolfords in Amsterdam. So after a quick afternoon nipping around the shops in Cambridge there is now a bleedin' big pile of things to wrap in the dining room. Amazing.

The evening was spent spinning around and around the supermarket hunting for limes unsuccessfully; you just cannot make a decent G&T with lemons. So, tomorrow's plan is obviously to scour Cambridgeshire for limes, then.  And to wrap the mountain of presents.

I might just make the traditional Christmas Eve lunchtime pint down the Axe.

Which would be nice.

In fact, I might just make the Axe now - so I shall finish this prematurely right now!

Have a mighty fine Christmas and thank you all for continuing with this over the last few months or so: They have been bloody hard but I am still here, getting on with it and doing my best.

Let's all hope for a better 2009.


  1. Indeed, let us really hope for a better 2009. As it happens, I've just finished wrapping prezzies - including an egg-laying rubber chicken and some drinking spectacles and something which I can't actually identify, but it's a very squashy sort of tube thingy.
    Hard work. I hate sellotape, it is the fixative of the devil himself, the little bstard that he is...
    Happy Christmas and a fab New Year Alan. We just hope for a much better one next year; it is, in fact, all we can do....

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Always look forward


  3. My very best wishes for Christmas and New Year.


  4. Why does your village need a speech therapist? Summat wrong with the way you all speak down there?


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