Friday, 13 February 2009


Yes - I have noticed it too. It had gone a bit quiet in here.

But be ye not down-hearted! Oh No! All that quality silence had to be broken at some point with the shattering blast of the usual drivel.

You see, I have been busy. You will know of course that Lynnie & I went up to celebrate Derek Emsley's 80th in Kingussie, stopping off at a wonderful restaurant with rooms in the South Lakes on the way. The whole trip was quite splendid and since than I have been burying myself back into my work (having taken two very naughty days off for the trip) and also organising our next trip away this coming weekend. Very romantic it will be too.

But all that is just irksome chaff to the keen outdoor blog readers! Noisome clutter.  Do we have any of those keen outdoor blog readers left? No - I didn't think so. Ho hum... Must have frightened the horses.

I suppose the real meat of this particular post is that I have started to stretch some old sinews and have instigated the annual Tribal Gathering. The PreWalkDaunder is rearing and shaking its magnificent mane once more.

Smoke signals have been smudging there way skywards. Ancient telegraphs atop windswept summits have had their levers pulled and their creaking arms hoisted to random angles like drunken English Bowlers on tour in the Caribbean. Semaphoring Sailors have flagged the message across the country - indeed the world!

But to make sure the recipients got their messages I used that new-fangled electronic mail doo-dah to send the message out to the golden few. Well, when I say 'golden few' what I mean is the golden few who put up with and suffer in silence with my inane ramblings and Phil's sharp wit and wisdom. They now know who they are. They have just the sketchiest of details currently, as nothing has been planned properly as of yet - usual story then as it's being organised by me this year.

It's the Lake District again. But this time in good weather. That's a promise. Trust Me. I'm a Banker.


  1. Al

    If it's as good as last year (was it only a year ago?) it is sure to be a great weekend.

    Can't wait!

    All the best, Richard

  2. You still seem to have 33 followers, Alan, so things can't be that bad. And there are good things to do in the Lakes whatever the weather, so you shouldn't worry about that either.
    Pleased to see your life seems to have 'righted' itself.

  3. It has been spookily quiet. But I'm one 'keen outdoor blog reader' still hanging on in.
    I have my fingers crossed for good weather for your trips.

  4. Still following you Alan. I didn't mind the relative silence. I haven't always been able to read your blog (and others) every day and there's a lot to catch up with if you come back to 'blogworld' after a few days of absence.



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