Monday, 2 March 2009


Standing at the base of an ancient Scots Pine you struggle to imagine what this magnificent specimen has experienced in its life. Like an old warrior it's limbs show the battle scars of ferocious storms and lightning strikes and yet now, it starts a slow decline, back into the earth that has nurtured its very existence.

All around there are younger equally handsome trees but quite rightly, your eyes are drawn to this magnificent beast.

In time to come our Great Grandchildren could be standing a few steps to the right, admiring another gnarled old pine that in our time had been one of the handsome younger contenders.

In the past few months the TGO Challenge community has lost two of its own wonderful specimens; Tony and Bob. They were magnificent characters: Everyone who met them was made to feel special and came away marvelling in the life of these characters.

To find out that they have been cut down is a shock. The forest is all the poorer for the loss of these titans. They will never be forgotten. However in time, the forest will grow back, back to full strength.


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